Friday, December 21, 2012

Your Last Drink

Well, if the world is going to end today, we might as well toast in style. Our bartender, Eric Bennett, has created a special cocktail to commemorate the Mayan doomsday.

The Final Sacrifice—made with bourbon, Campari, chocolate liqueur, habanero tincture, and honey—will be served tonight for just $7. Eric created the recipe drawing inspiration from traditional Mayan drinks such as atole—a corn tea—and pitarrilla, a fermented drink made using wild honey and balche-tree bark and water. "I wanted to create a drink that was close in spirit to what the Mayans would have celebrated with but updated for today."

The sweet chocolate and honey mixed with the smokiness of the bourbon and spicy habanero tincture is the perfect dose of bittersweet for the day.

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